Tim Berners-Lee Got It!!!

Tim Berners-LeeSometimes it’s hard to explain what we are doing with this technology, and to be honest, most people don’t really get it…

For some it’s just a Web version of MS Paint, for others it’s like graffiti on steroids, yet others think of it as flower power 2.0!

This is a new beginning. It’s when the Web becomes a truly intuitive medium for anyone to contribute, just like a writing/drawing/doodling on a huge piece of paper. It’s turning the Web into an open platform where the complexities and technicalities of Web development are abstracted and hidden. A true What You See Is What You Get. This will become ever more important with the introduction of touch-screens, pen and tablets, or even Microsoft’s new surface.

Fortunately, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, no one less than the father of World Wide We, Got It and spoke about it to the BBC.

In Tim’s own words… “They will have all kinds of new ideas. They will build on top of the Web, and the great thing about the Web is just this open platform, like this great big white sheet of paper – It’s a big Canvas”.

Watch it for yourself…

The whole interview at the BBC’s website is available here.

(For those that took this seriously… This is obviously a parody!!  Sir Tim is not actually referring to WebCanvas, but to the Web in general!)


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