London = 2nd prize

What a weekend!

Even though we’ve been quite busy, we still managed to participate in Startup Camp London; an event sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

We meet a lot of people involved in other startups, shared ideas with the some of the industry’s leading geeks, including David Axmark (Founder of MySQL), attended some really neat ‘unconferences’, and in the end managed to pitch our concept to win the 2nd prize!

All startups had to show their product to about 300 attendees.That’s about 90 minutes explaining our vision, letting people try our product (they loved it), talking about the business model, drinking ridiculous amounts of water and finishing our stock of moo cards!!

So, thanks Sun for the Ultra 20M2 (what a sweet dev machine this will be) and the great event, congrats to the 1st prize and 3rd prize Mapness.

Kudos to Scred, Questionform, Notely, ONEIS and all the other participants!


6 responses to “London = 2nd prize

  1. Congrats, you guys deserved it!!

    Good luck!

  2. Simply the best πŸ˜‰

  3. Amazing app – and great to meet you at Startupcamp. Hope we’ll see you at The Next Web in Amsterdam 3-4 April.

    I’ve been using webcanvas today, and just love it – I have left a beta feedback image at 1964 South for you. (And I now have to live up to my username of Picasso).

  4. Thanks David!
    Ssoon we’ll improve that section of the site πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Antonio.

  5. Congratulations for coming in second! Like I mentioned in my email, at least it was something different. Was nice meeting you and hopefully we’ll see you again sometime.

  6. hey well done guys, glad the U20 is going down great guns, and look forward to seeing you all at another Sun event soon…..

    Tell your Friends, Tell All, Sun is the place to be…. :-))

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