Countdown to Webageddon!!!! :)

Hey there Blogosphere,

Allow me to welcome you to the precursor of the new web. A web where collaboration is indeed done in real time. A web that allows one “INFINITE” possibilities. A web that the more creative of us can enjoy among themselves, and by the more pleasurable of extensions, a web that YOU will use to CANVAS all of those ideas. Readily Made!!!! I say no more……….The ground seems to be shaking over here in London….and here I was thinking that would be impossible but alas Webageddon is here!!! Stay tuned, ELE is about to begin!!!!!!A bit dramatic don’t you think? )

But I assure all of the creative among us…..You will have a voice……..GET READY TO SING!!!!!


2 responses to “Countdown to Webageddon!!!! :)

  1. Loving the webcanvas – Can’t wait to see it developed further…the future of the internet is emerging! Simbakate xx

  2. hi Simbakate! Sure thing we are bring in the new Web Revolution.

    No more text based input limitations anyone can just draw whatever they like where-ever they like!!!

    Btw, thanks for you post!

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