WebCanvas has Moved!

The WebCanvas website has moved to http://webcanvas.com/site


Awesome Tiny Planets!

WebCanvas Tiny PlanetsWe’ve been very impressed by some of the paintings drawn on WebCanvas!

While we can’t feature all of the these splendid drawings, we do try our best to feature here some of the best.

Here is another one that involves a series of tiny planets which are absolutely amazing! (WebCanvas)

Updates and Paint the Train!

Paint the Train WebCanvas had some uptades…

In the mean time Franky from Germany has started another great initiative!

This time it’s to draw a huge train… well worth having a look and perphas leaving your own carriage.  Just follow this WebCanvas.

Paint the World’s Largest Snake!

Paint The SnakeIn the past 3 weeks since our launch, WebCanvas has had some incredibly awesome initiatives!

One of these, definitely worth mentioning, is a WebCanvas snake that is extraordinarly diverse.

Big Kudos for the German Artist that has been pushing its growth.

Tim Berners-Lee Got It!!!

Tim Berners-LeeSometimes it’s hard to explain what we are doing with this technology, and to be honest, most people don’t really get it…

For some it’s just a Web version of MS Paint, for others it’s like graffiti on steroids, yet others think of it as flower power 2.0!

This is a new beginning. It’s when the Web becomes a truly intuitive medium for anyone to contribute, just like a writing/drawing/doodling on a huge piece of paper. It’s turning the Web into an open platform where the complexities and technicalities of Web development are abstracted and hidden. A true What You See Is What You Get. This will become ever more important with the introduction of touch-screens, pen and tablets, or even Microsoft’s new surface.

Fortunately, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, no one less than the father of World Wide We, Got It and spoke about it to the BBC.

In Tim’s own words… “They will have all kinds of new ideas. They will build on top of the Web, and the great thing about the Web is just this open platform, like this great big white sheet of paper – It’s a big Canvas”.

Watch it for yourself…

The whole interview at the BBC’s website is available here.

(For those that took this seriously… This is obviously a parody!!  Sir Tim is not actually referring to WebCanvas, but to the Web in general!)

Viva la Revolucion – Infinite Painting Freedom!

CHEntonioFidel AmaroCHÉntonio and Fidel Amaro bring you the Web revolution where anyone can convert a webpage into an infinte paper where you can paint/draw, upload images or simply watch others doing it!!

We have planted the seeds of new WEB REVOLUCION so be prepared for a true WYSIWYG WWW. Adios HTML y viva la Liberdad Infinita!

London StartupCamp.org = 2nd prize

What a weekend!

Even though we’ve been quite busy, we still managed to participate in Startup Camp London; an event sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

We meet a lot of people involved in other startups, shared ideas with the some of the industry’s leading geeks, including David Axmark (Founder of MySQL), attended some really neat ‘unconferences’, and in the end managed to pitch our concept to win the 2nd prize!

All startups had to show their product to about 300 attendees.That’s about 90 minutes explaining our vision, letting people try our product (they loved it), talking about the business model, drinking ridiculous amounts of water and finishing our stock of moo cards!!

So, thanks Sun for the Ultra 20M2 (what a sweet dev machine this will be) and the great event, congrats to the 1st prize fav.or.it and 3rd prize Mapness.

Kudos to Scred, Questionform, Notely, ONEIS and all the other participants!